Trudy \\ It has begun … Day 1

Today was the first day of the zero net waste challenge in my household.

Over the weekend, I bought a large recycling bin:


Recycling Bin

And also set up a worm farm:


IMAG0392 Worm Farm

The worm farm was reasonably easy to set up. All we had to do was buy 1200 worms, and a worm cafe starter kit. It’s now assembled and the worms are settling in quite nicely with some initial food scraps.

Some challenges and questions I have faced so far:

  • Packaging for Gluten free food from Aldi is not recyclable.
  • 1200 worms is not sufficient for a two person household. It is recommended that you have 1000 worms for each person in the household. As a result, the scraps seem to be lingering….
  • Unsure what to do with dairy waste – I will need to research into whether this can be given to the worms.
  • Meat scraps … not sure what to do with those – can’t give it to the worms. I will need to think of a solution for this.
  • Avoiding plastic bags in the supermarket – everything seems to be wrapped in plastic, especially vegetables and meat.

This was the first day of the challenge, and we successfully achieved a zero net waste day! 


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