Kathleen Diary \\ Day 1

Hola! Today I kicked off our case study – attempting to create a zero waste household. My partner and I have signed up to this for at least 2 weeks…  I started it a little apprehensively, but so far I’ve been quite relieved to find no luxuries have been tossed, so to speak.

Here is how I kicked it off:

  1. Shopped wisely: only chose meals for this week that I knew I could buy ‘waste-free’
  2. Made friends with the local butcher: I was happy to find out that Urban Village Meats in Kelvin Grove are happy to support waste-free living, and will kindly place their meats in your Tupperware. That sounds like an innuendo, it isn’t.

    Meats from the butcher, in my tupperware

    Meats from the butcher, in my tupperware! Yeah!

  3. Green-bags, green-bags, green-bags. Helped a lot at Coles and Aldi!
  4. Discovered that Coles’s Redcycle program doesn’t only recycle plastic grocery bags, but also the plastic bags that they put around bread, fresh produce, frozen food products, inside of cereals, biscuit wrappers etc. Win!

    A coles Redcycle bin

    A Coles Redcycle bin

  5. Created a ‘bin system’ with five separate bins for:  Brisbane City Council Recycling, compost (we have a backyard compost system), Coles Redcycle program, other recycling/unsure and… waste. I’ve put a little note on each to remind us of what can go in it (see below example).
    our new bin system

    Our new bin system.

    Kerbside label

One hurdle: we didn’t finish our whole dinner meal – it was just too big! We didn’t feel right about putting it in the compost (it wasn’t meat-free) so we gave it to Molly (a dog!). If we didn’t have the dog, I’m not sure what we would have done.

Waste hangover: A bottle of wine that we bought last week reads on the label ‘remove cap and recycle glass’. We’ve finished the bottle… what do we do with the cap?

— Kathleen


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