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A major opportunity to reduce waste to landfill is by composting organic waste. I’ve always been keen to have a compost heap, but shamefully have never done anything about it until now. So I started looking into my option. I came across three main compost systems: 1) a green/brown compost system, 2) a worm farm, and 3) a bokashi system. Because I don’t have heaps of outdoor space I decided to go with the Bokashi option because apparently they aren’t too stinky and can be kept indoors.

A Bokashi compost uses a selected group of microorganisms to anaerobically ferment organic waste. It doesn’t break down, as such, but is kind of ‘pickled’. Then you can bury the waste directly in the ground, where the microorganisms aid it to quickly break down into humus (in about one months time). A major plus side is that you can put almost all organic waste – including meats and cheeses. This is a big tick for the zero-net waste goal!

I went to our local hardware giant to pick up a Bokashi bucket. There were two boxes on the shelves, and they were completely trashed. They were both open, with parts missing and broken. Not a great start. So we decided to get thrifty and make our own. The Bokashi system needs to be airtight, have a drainage area and a release tap, as liquids are released in the process, which can be used in your garden. We bought a 15 L tub, a tap nozzle and connecter, rubber washers and some fly screen to cover the hose. We made a little drainage area using some plastic takeout containers from the cupboard and little more flyscreen. And some Bokashi spray (with the microorganisms) ($10 per bottle).

So here’s the final product. Altogether it cost less than $30. I’m a little concerned that it’s not airtight. But we will give it go and see what happens!

Home-made Bokashi bin


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