Kathleen \\ Waste Wrap-Up

We did it! Our two-person, inner-city household got through two weeks of living ‘waste-free’.  Except, we didn’t succeed in achieving ZERO waste… Our little waste bin has 12 items in it. These are the culprits:

  • Toothpaste tube
  • Razor
  • Seal to juice bottle
  • Ice-block wrapper
  • Microwave popcorn packaging
  • Tomato Paste packaging
  • Medication blister pack
  • Fresh produce tags (x2)
  • Straw
  • Ink cartridge seal
  • Apple sticker

The popcorn, straw and ice-block wrapper were results of impulse buys, both late at night. So that’s a simple solution – STOP IMPULSE BUYING JUNK FOOD. My body will thank me. And I will buy tomato paste in a jar from now on.  But the others? I don’t know if I could avoid them.

I wish I had a store like this brilliant Berlin beauty, who commits to packaging-free groceries, near by:

Maybe I just need to become more savvy when shopping – investigate more local farmers market options or make my own pastes, popcorn and ice-blocks.

The bathroom will still be a sticking point though. Colgate this year committed to making 100% recyclable packaging for three of their four product categories by 2020.  The fourth category that’s missing out is oral care! (To be honest, I though Colgate only did oral care… nope, I was wrong). For this category, they are aiming to have developed a recyclable tube by 2020, but it doesn’t look like it will be on shelves then. Sarah has offered a neat way to get around the pesky toothpaste tubes here – but I like my paste with a side of fluoride, so I’m conflicted.

Four days ago, when our challenge ended, I felt dirty putting a plastic bag in our waste bin.  Now, when I open the bin I only find plastic packaging from a new CD we bought (yes, we buy CD’s still). It seems our new methods have become habit and we only send the bare minimum to landfill. Hurrah!


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