Inspiration \\ Ash Keating’s ‘Activate 2750’

Imagine driving to your local Westfield shopping centre to pick up some groceries and this lump of garbage welcoming you in.

Ash Keating's 'Activate 2750'. Photo of public installation, 10 tonnes of waste.

Ash Keating’s ‘Activate 2750’. Photo of public installation, 10 tonnes of waste.

Would it force you to reflect on what waste you are about to take out of the shopping centre and into your home? Or would you not relate this to your own habits and consider it nothing more than a lump of junk? We’ve found responses to be mixed.

Speaking personally, this artwork makes me think twice about the types of packaging I put into my trolley. Ash Keating was hoping for just that.

Situated near the Westfield shopping centre in Penrith (Western Sydney) for four weeks in 2009, Activate 2750 sought to address unsustainable modes of consumption through a confronting and monumental installation of local waste. In addition, live performances and processions occurred around the installation. These performances were involved ‘waste creatures’, who pushed abandoned trolleys filled with junk to the rhythmical thumping of waste compressors.

 Activate 2750 aimed to be a disruptive presence that encouraged the public to consider existing systems of production, consumption and disposal. (it) brought attention to the unsustainable practices of contemporary society by redirecting and reusing materials destined for landfill, into the public realm. – Ash Keating

Find out more about Ash and see more of this project here. 

– Kathleen


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