Inspiring Change \\ Your Take Home Package

Well, haven’t we got a whole host of goodies for you here.  We’ve put our heads together and created some practical guides to living waste-free in your home. These are mainly directed towards West End, but we feel they can be adapted to most suburbs in Brisbane.

First up, is a nifty poster which sets you up for success through outlining the four steps of zero-net waste living. Download that beast here.

Secondly, are a bunch of ‘stickers’ which we encourage you to download, print out and stick onto your bins to help sort your waste, and ensure nothing that can be recycled goes to landfill.  Download here.

Thirdly, find a ‘West End Consumer Guide’, which provides practical solutions to zero-waste living in the pantry, fridge and bathroom. There are also some handy cleaning recipes and a guide to shopping waste-free in the local area.  Download the handy pamphlet here.

Hopefully each of these help you by providing some practical solutions to living waste free.

— Kathleen, Trudy and Sarah


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