We are QUT Grad Dip Ed students, who are researching a local sustainability issue that ties in with primary teaching of SOSE, Art and Science.

Through this research, we have found that rapid population growth in West End will significantly increase household waste, placing pressure on regional waste management landfill facilities leading to serious environmental problems around pollution leaching and greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, West End residents in high-density housing are restricted in reducing waste sent to landfill, with limited council-provided services for recycling organic matter. In order to relieve pressure placed on South East Queensland’s environment via landfill, residents presently have to self-implement strategies and systems.

We propose an innovative idea for sustainable waste management: zero-net household waste.

DEFINITION: A zero-net waste household’s consumption choices are educated and purposeful. All waste produced is reused or recycled through household- and community-level initiatives.

In order to see if this is possible, our group will be undertaking a case study, where we attempt to achieve zero-net household waste at our properties, scattered across inner-city Brisbane.

This blog will be used to journal our successes and our challenges, along the way. Here we also plan to aggregate a host of tools to help others in Brisbane be waste-smart.

Wish us luck,
Trudy, Sarah and Kathleen


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